Unicycling and Clowning…

I entertained myself and others at college, from 1979-1983. Here, riding on a six-foot tall unicycle, in clown makeup, red nose, and a derby…

Rusty the Clown - at college - 1982
Rusty Clown – October 1982


Location: Plattsburgh State University College, a.k.a.: SUNY Plattsburgh, in way, way, way north upstate New York State.

– Russ

2 thoughts on “Unicycling and Clowning…

  1. Is that you on the bike? People with strange skills usually find their niche and are very successful.


    1. Ha, yes, that was me on the unicycle, many years ago (in college). I think I recently found my niche, and it seems like my success is coming soon, so perhaps your words are prophetic! Thanks!


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