What, With Whom?


You may be wondering if we’ll be using vintage microphones like the one pictured above, in the podcast studio. No. No, we will not. Those classic mics are rare, intended for singing (not talking), and they’re expensive AF! We’ll use regular podcast gear…

But who are we gonna talk to, and what are we gonna talk about?

Makes sense to start with what and who you know – right? So, for our host Russ Murray with his widely-varied career experiences, that means current events, trends, and issues related to:

  • Fashion (model agencies, influencers, designers, brands, manufacturers, retailers, stylists, photographers, etc.)
  • Food (chefs, cultures, cuisines, agriculture, growers, producers, manufacturers, global supply chains, etc.)
  • Music (talent agencies, performers, production, distribution, streaming, licensing, CD’s, vinyl, etc.)
  • Business (finance, operations, logistics, manufacturing, global supply chains, post-pandemic realities, etc.)
  • Technology (software, hardware, web, mobile, wellness, remote workers in a post-pandemic technocracy, etc.)

There’ll be…

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