The Back-Story of Cameras+Films


The story of Cameras+Films is actually my story, because a personal journey of enjoying and shooting photographs over the years, led to the eventual launch of this blog site and online retailer business in 2019. This is probably way more information than you’ll want to read, but here it is anyway…

The Light-Capturing Devices of My Life:

Kodak Retina 1 – my “Mother’s Eye”

  • Kodak Retina 1 (type 013) — a manual, viewfinder, 35mm camera, made in Germany between August 1949 and December 1950.
    • It was my German stepmother Ursula’s camera, which was used originally to shoot b&w film, and later mostly Kodachrome slides which we enjoyed in family slideshows.
    • Watching Ursula record our family, friends, and activities with her camera, was woven into the fabric of my young life and creativity — I still have, treasure, and occasionally use this camera.
    • Her Kodak Retina has a sharp, clear Schneider-Kreuznach…

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