They Stole My Tag!

russ murray

They Stole My Tag.

Spent June 19th — my birth anniversary aka “birthday” and also now the Juneteenth national holiday — with my daughter at an emergency eye clinic in Manhattan. Not what I had in mind for a birthday celebration or quality time with my daughter, but I am glad I was there to love, support and care for her as my 61st trip around the sun concluded.

At the Pharmacy…

After hours in the clinic, my daughter and I walked along 14th Street towards a pharmacy around the corner. Looking up, I saw street art supporting Ukraine on the second floor wall of a building, glittering in the afternoon sun.

Returning from the pharmacy an hour later, I looked up again, and noticed a wall of graffitti I had missed earlier. I laughed when I saw my own initials on the wall — somebody…

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